At last, after more than two weeks, we have the final results of the presidential election:

I don’t mind saying that I correctly predicted 49 out of 50 states.

While we’ve known the general contours of Obama’s victory since election night, and the all-but-final tally since last week, the state of Missouri had remained too close to call. It’s now clear that McCain has won Missouri, by a margin of less than 0.2%. This ends the Show Me State’s 48-year run as a presidential bellwether. (Missouri has voted against the presidential winner in only two elections since 1900, so it still lays claim to being a fairly reliable predictor.)

Note that there is a spot of blue on the map in eastern Nebraska. Nebraska’s second congressional district, representing Omaha, voted for Obama. This is the first time that electoral votes have actually been split by either Nebraska or Maine, the two states which do not have a state-wide, winner-take-all system for awarding their electors.

2 Responses to “Final election results”

  1. Soap says:

    I should have written down my prediction on election night … I think I correctly predicted 50 of 50 states, but I dont remember what I had been predicting for Missouri. All thanks to the blogs I'd been reading online, of course.

    What was ?he one you missed?

  2. James says:

    Well done with your predictions!

    It was Indiana that I missed. I just had a hard time believing that Obama's superior organization in the state, and the proximity of Chicago, were going to be enough to overcome Indiana's Republican tilt in the polls and flip the state blue.

    I'll update the entry with a link to my original prediction.

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