Major networks are now calling Florida, Nevada, and Colorado for Obama.

These states bring Obama to 338 electoral votes, with 53 electoral votes still up for grabs (in Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina) and the lingering possibility of a minor upset in Montana.

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  1. patsy poor says:

    I saw you had passed by my blog and commented. I have read some of your blog and found it very good reading.

    I am a died in the wool demorcate.

    Perhaps you would answer a question for me, How did you find my blog? I found you as an unlikly reader of my feeble attempt at blogging.

  2. James says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Patsy.

    In answer to your question, I try to keep an eye out for blogs that raise interesting issues, as yours does, and I first noticed your blog entry for today, discussing the election and taxes, and mentioning how the issue of reparations for slavery was handled.

    For me, the single most useful online tool for locating and tracking blogs is Technorati ( <a href=",” target=”_blank”>, but Google Blogs ( is perhaps the easiest way to come across just about any blog on the Internet.

  3. ChangeAgent says:

    Thanks for the comment! Like the reader above, I'm excited to have found your blog and will be adding it to my blog roll, as it offers a different/better perspective than the most.

    I look forward to an exchange of ideas!

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