I’ll refrain from posting too much about the flood of press coverage generated for Traces of the Trade by its acceptance for competition at Sundance.

Elly Hale and Beatrice Manu at Assin Manso, GhanaBy far the best coverage, from our perspective, was David Halbfinger’s New York Times article about the Sundance lineup. The story, which emphasized the trend towards films from an individual perspective (“political subjects dealt with in human terms”), led the Arts section that morning. Halbfinger mentioned Traces before any other film — and prominently ran one of our favorite photos, the cover shot on Tom’s book, as the first of three photos from the films.

In addition, the director of the Sundance Film Festival, Geoff Gilmore, mentioned just three films by name, including Traces, in remarks about the trend towards personal stories which were picked up by many media outlets. This attention greatly enhanced the coverage of the film in much of the press coverage, such as the article in Variety, relative to the other 118 films announced for competition.

The blog coverage of the lineup ran the gamut from straight reporting to optimistic to  excited, to concerns that the festival lineup is mysterious or of lower quality, or depressing or just downright evil.

2 Responses to “Press coverage of Traces of the Trade”

  1. Jude Ray says:

    Hello James!
    It’s wonderful to see all of you members of our “Family of Ten” from the “Traces…” film gearing up for the next phase—getting it out into the world. I’m thrilled that the film will finally be completed and look forward to celebrating its premiere at Sundance. I’ll be checking in occasionally to help keep up with any more news. The new website and everyone’s associated blogs, etc. look good. Of course, I continue to be interested in your evolving thoughts and experiences along with those of your fellow family members. The press coverage to date has been quite promising, I agree. Feel free to drop me a line or call even, directly before the Sundance Film Festival if you care to catch up beforehand, otherwise I’ll look forward to seeing you there hopefully!
    With fond wishes,
    Jude Ray
    Co-Director and Executive Producer
    Traces of the Trade: Stories From the Deep North

  2. James says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, Jude! It's been far too long since filming for Traces wrapped up, and it'll be great to see you again at Sundance! I'll e-mail you now, as well.

    I'm sure you had a clear vision for the film, several years ago, which included this possibility … but it's amazing to me. 🙂


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