The American Jewish Committee has a booklet, available online, which beautifully tells the story of the diversity and shared values of our country at Thanksgiving.

America’s Table: A Thanksgiving Reader tells the personal stories of eight inspirational Americans, representing a variety of racial, ethnic, and personal backgrounds. They are recent immigrants and from long-standing American families; self-made success stories and the beneficiaries of inherited privilege; the descendants of slaves and those who benefited from slavery.

The reader contains passages intended to be read aloud at Thanksgiving, as well as details of all eight Americans profiled. The focus is on the the diverse experiences and shared commitments of all Americans, and on the often difficult history which we have experienced. The emphasis is positive, without shrinking from the negative aspects of our shared history, and there is no no suggestion that the American story is darker than the histories of other parts of the world.

Hat tip: Toby, Ann, and Nanda of Rhode Island for Community & Justice.

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