The Early Show on CBS is scheduled to air a live interview in New York with Tom DeWolf, Katrina Browne, and Juanita Brown on Monday, July 14.

The interview is to be conducted by anchor Harry Smith, who wrote about the film when it first aired on PBS:

… the journey is painful, tearful and revealing. … the film displays the difficult road toward reconciliation. See it or get it or pick up the book by Katrina’s cousin Tom DeWolf.

The interview, the show’s “book segment,” will focus on Tom’s memoir, Inheriting the Trade, about his personal transformation as a result of our journey. The interview will also cover the documentary, Traces of the Trade, for which Katrina served as director/producer/writer, Juanita was a co-producer, and in which Tom and I appear. 

The Early Show typically airs from 7-9am in U.S. markets, and the interview will most likely take place during the final half-hour of the broadcast. Please note that the interview could easily be bumped to accommodate breaking news; in fact, this happened in May when the interview was originally scheduled.

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