My distant cousin, Tom, has written a book, Inheriting the Trade, about the journey we undertook in Traces of the Trade and due out in January.

Tom has now started a blog on his web site. (My blogroll has linked there for some time now, but he’s actually started posting.) Based on his initial posts, Tom is going to be every bit as insightful a blogger as he is a book author.

Tom writes today about the debate in the U.K. over the legacy of the slave trade, as they commemorate the bicentennial of their abolition of the slave trade (which occurred within months of abolition in the U.S.).

Tom’s takeaway point is the importance of “apology, or acknowledgment, for slavery by white people and institutions that benefited or continue to benefit from the legacy of slavery,” and the fact that, as of now, “it appears the United States will not invest a fraction of the resources the UK did in raising awareness among our citizens.”

Hopefully the eventual passage of H.R. 3432 will start to change that discrepancy, at least to some extent.

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