The Early Show on CBS is scheduled to air an interview with Tom DeWolf and Katrina Browne in the near future.

The interview, which has been pre-recorded with news anchor Russ Mitchell, focuses on Tom’s book, Inheriting the Trade, and on the upcoming documentary film Traces of the Trade, for which Katrina served as director/producer/writer, and in which Tom and I appear.

The Early Show typically airs from 7-9am in U.S. markets. The five-minute interview is most likely to occur during the final half-hour of the broadcast, which is usually 8:30-9:00am, but the timing could easily vary, and the spot could be bumped (as it was three weeks ago, when it was to be a live interview) if breaking news warrants. The taped interview could also be replaced by a live, in-studio interview at the discretion of the producers.

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